Everything you need to do before you retire

Excerpt from MarketWatch, published February 16, 2019


Retirement is a monumental transition in a person’s life, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Every aspect of life is affected by the decision to retire, including relationships, health and wellness, and of course finances. Couples in particular are learning how to share their hopes and fears about retirement with one another, and looking for ways to stay active in place of their careers.


  • When creating a budget, track expenses to see where every dollar goes. Couples should review their finances monthly, said Eric Walters, president and founder of SilverCrest Wealth Planning in Greenwood, Colo.

Health care

  • Don’t forget about exercise, nutrition and attending to relationships. Walters gives his clients the book “Younger Next Year,” which is about improving lifestyles in retirement. “It also helps to lower their health care costs and infirmities,” Walters said.

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