This Person Knows all your Secrets — and it’s not your Shrink or Spouse

Excerpt from MarketWatch, published on February 9, 2019


Financial adviser Eric Walters always has tissues on hand when meeting with one client in the midst of a divorce, especially because they talk about her marriage, family and fears.

“I find my role as a planner often involves counseling clients around sensitive topics, dealing with fluctuations in wealth, and how to enjoy their wealth,” he said.

Walters, the president and founder of SilverCrest Wealth Planning in Greenwood Village, Colo., has worked with widows to create a conservative long-term financial plan so they’re no longer afraid to spend their money. He’s also shared books or resources with entrepreneurs after they’ve sold their businesses because they’re not sure what to do with their time.

Financial planners play many roles for their clients, only one of which is managing money. These advisers talk out clients’ hopes and dreams, resolve familial conflicts, offer career advice and in some cases, see the first signs of cognitive decline. One of their most important roles is listener.

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